Da Fam Immediate is a  four manned producing juggernaut hailing from Chicago, IL. Members hail from the now defunct Cabrini Green Projects area (TV: Good Times/ Film: Cooley High) and the Englewood neighborhood  that recognizes  Keith Cozart as its own. Our Mission is to give the world awesome music through radio shows and through our own creation. Hip hop is the medium of choice but we are well versed in all genres of music. We will entertain you and give props to those that we feel aren’t getting their just due. Please embark on this journey with us as we dialog to the world through music.

Da Fam “Omega Supreme” : Amrika Aswad – Chief Big Brother “Optimus Prime”

DJ Butta – Chief Rhythm Funk Master “Ultra Magnus”

Djed 19 – Chief Mogul “Rodimus Prime”

Son Ra – Chief Voice “Perceptor”


FYI: Links to Podcasts:  http://dafamimmediate.podomatic.com


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